Accessories to Upgrade Your Ford Focus

Today’s Ford Focus has a lot of qualities to admire. Owners like its comfort, easy handling, and high-tech offerings. The Focus happens to be a good choice for people looking for a dependable hatchback. It is also a good choice for consumers who prefer a small sedan. The Focus rides comfortable for a smaller vehicle, and its interior is surprisingly quiet. The Ford Focus also comes with a number of appealing safety features like 4-wheel disc brakes, airbag protection for front and rear passengers, night vision, rollover protection, and more. Owners also like its fuel economy. However, the accessories are like icing on the cake. A vehicle’s accessories are what makes it unique. They enable the owner to style the Ford Focus around their personality.

Interior Accessories

Interior accessories include floor mats, seat covers, various steering wheels, creative sun shades, custom gauges, and cargo liners. An Additional list of accessories include car organizers, pet travel, and auto detailing kits. As anyone can see, there is a lot from which to choose.

Exterior Accessories

There is a lot on the list for those who want a unique look for the exterior. These include custom grilles, wind deflectors, roof racks, car covers, and fender flares. Or, owners can choose from various mirrors, bug deflectors, license plates and frames, detailing kits, and auto horns.

Automotive Lighting

Owners can take their pick of head lights, LED lights, signal lights, car bulbs, accessory lighting, tail lights, fog lights, and off-road lights. The great thing about so many accessories is that they can blend in with older Focus models.

Performance Parts

Ford Focus performance parts get the attention of those who may be a little bit more mechanically gifted. They have a better understanding of what it takes to lift their vehicle to its next level of performance. Performance accessories include exhaust systems, rotors and brake pads, transmission parts, engine components, fuel system components, and ignition systems. Additional accessories include cooling systems, racing gear, and driveline/axles.


From tire chains and lug nuts/locks to wheel center caps and wheel spacers, there are a lot of ways to give the wheels a unique look. Owners can also choose TPMS sensors, custom wheels, tire wheel covers, and caliper covers. Not every Ford Focus owner feels the creative urge. For those that do there are enough wheel and tire accessories to make their Focus stand out from the pack.

Electronics and Audio

While many Ford Focus owners are happy with the vehicle’s standard look and feel, others enjoy adding electronic gadgets that make life enjoyable behind the wheel. Owners can choose from stereos, speakers, amplifiers and video. They also have their choice of equalizers and processors, batteries, cameras, headphones, and marine audio/GPS.

Keeping Your Ford Focus Looking New

Regardless of its year, staying up on maintenance will keep your Focus looking new for years to come. Washing the vehicle enough is something that owners of all makes and models fail to do. Depending on the climate and environment, owners should wash their vehicle at least once a week. Keeping your Ford Focus looking new is one thing; having it drive like new is another thing. Routine maintenance can keep any car running for thousands of miles longer. Change the engine oil and transmission fluid. Have your mechanic inspect its brakes along with its suspension components. Put premium gasoline in the tank whenever possible. Park your vehicle in the shade away from the sun’s rays. The little things add up. Southern California provides the perfect backdrop for your Ford Focus. There are miles and miles of freeways, beaches, mountains, and oceans that encourage people on to their next road adventure. Villa Ford is located at 2550 N Tustin Street in Orange County, California. We carry all the parts and accessories a Ford Focus owners needs to keep their car looking and running great. For vehicles to navigate the roads and highways of Southern California, they need to be in top condition.

Tips on Finding the Right Mechanic

While there are a lot of great backyard mechanics in the world, not everyone has the gift. For those who do not mind paying a mechanic to keep their vehicle up to speed, there are Ford dealerships and qualified auto repair facilities across the country in every city.

-Check the repair facility’s certifications. Make sure their employees are all qualified and certified mechanics.

-Does the repair facility have acceptable industry affiliations? If not, you may want to keep looking for the right fit.

-What are online reviews saying about the auto repair facility? In today’s world, people are quick to review and share their opinion about a service or product.

-Ask around. Ask friends, family members, and work colleagues about a repair shop of interest.

-Call a repair facility and ask about procedure, costs, and labor time. In other words, shop around and compare information and prices.

-Feel free to walk into a repair facility and talk to the mechanics on the floor if they have time. You can get a good feel for if they are a person or shop you want to do business with.

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